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IBM is Deprecating Query & Analysis Studio- Got a Migration Plan?

Posted by John Boyer on Thu, Apr 30, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

You’ve heard of self-deprecating humor, where the comedian roasts himself -- like when Groucho Marx famously said, “I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.” That’s not what we’re talking about here. “Deprecate” may not be a word you use every day, but software companies do.

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Improving IBM Cognos Upgrades

Posted by Holly Rice on Wed, Apr 22, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

IBM regularly releases new versions of its business intelligence software platform, IBM Cognos. Companies must upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Cognos in order to reap the benefits of the new features. Upgrading Cognos, however, is not always a simple or smooth process. There are many documents available that outline the Cognos upgrade steps, but the potential for uncertainties during and after an upgrade still exists. Therefore, it's important to have a methodology and tools in place that help reduce these unknown variables and improve the management of the upgrade project.  

The following is a condensed excerpt from our white paper that provides a methodology and discusses tools that improve the IBM Cognos upgrade process.

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