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Recovering Deleted Items From Cognos

Posted by Dan Sellari on Thu, Mar 03, 2011 @ 04:44 PM

Recovering deleted Cognos content usually means getting your DBAs involved to do a database restore. But more often than not, this means losing even more content, especially on heavily used development instances.

Let's say someone inadvertently deleted "Banded Report" (one of many reports you've been working on), but you only realized it a week after the fact. A database restore would mean losing an entire week of everyone's work so you just suck it up, put two nickels in the swear jar, and set off recreating your report.

List of Cognos Reports

That is, unless you have MotioCI monitoring your Cognos environment. Simply log in, browse to the item in question, and revert to a previous non-deleted revision.  It's just that easy to recover deleted Cognos content.  Added bonus, you also get to see who the culprit is.

Recover Deleted Object
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Two minutes* after noticing the problem, you can get back to report development as if nothing ever happened. With MotioCI actively monitoring your content store, little mistakes don't become big problems.

List of Cognos reports

*30 seconds reverting the report, 1 minute 30 seconds exacting revenge


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